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Visualizing and debugging deep convolutional networks

Have you been ever stuck while the neural network executes smoothly across epochs but the loss doesn't decrease ? Or may be the loss decreases but not the way you would like it to ? Debugging a deep neural network is helpful if not essential for a lot of use cases. Read more

Segmenting Overlapping Chromosomes using Deep Learning

Deep Learning has been making quite a lot of progress in computer vision tasks of late. In this post, I go on to explain how to use 2D U Net (one of the most popular papers of 2015-16 in computer vision) for segmenting out overlapping chromosomes on a slide used for cytogenetics. Read more

Optimising Cab Routes In NYC Using Data

In most of the cab rides I had my conversation with the cab owner tending towards to the ever-so-important question - “How to generate maximum revenue?” Do I drive at night? Where do I start my trip? What do I optimize for – longer rides in a longer time or repeated shorter rides in the same time? How long do I drive? and alike questions. This post tries to solve some of those questions along with bringing out some interesting insights about traffic in NYC. Read more

Is unsupervised learning the way forward ?

Of late, we have heard a lot of talk about unsupervised learning being the way forward. A lot of research at major R&D organisations like Open AI is focussed on unsupervised learning.Why is unsupervised learning so important ? Read more

AI - Beyond Buzzwords & Comparisons To Human Abilities

Any heated argument on AI these days soon ends up in a predictable trajectory - so DeepMind's AlphaGo beats Go champ,Tesla to compete with Uber using AI driven cars, ethical dilemma of driver-less cars and finally - would robots overpower humankind Read more